True Blue Lacys is live — because every Lacy needs a job but not every person needs a Lacy.

When I began researching Lacys in 2006, there was very little information about the breed online. I now know most of that was merely a sales pitch, focused on promoting Lacys as the State Dog of Texas to increase the demand for puppies, and I fell for it. Though I’ve worked with several organizations and publications to address those issues, I felt it was time to create my own space. True Blue Lacys is a place for me to independently share what I’ve experienced and learned along the way. Obviously I’m not a breeder and I don’t sell dogs or registration papers. I’m just a Lacy owner who loves writing, photography and her dog. So I hope people looking to educate themselves on this unique breed will find the microsite honest and helpful. But in the end, all I can do is tell my story, and post pictures of my dog, because she really is the prettiest Lacy in the world, don’t you think?


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