A few of my favorite photos organized according to subject. Click on the picture for more information. For my quasi-complete photo stream, you can visit Flickr, which is still my favorite Yahoo! product.


pour yourself into me

white denim

carport casanovas

cully bw

bad reception


blue lacy stare

riding into the sunset

he's mastered this pose

nanny dog

life after people


purple pop

on the pedernales

natural neon

hunkered down

big sky i bar


god bless john wayne

patriotic kiddos

brunch at lamberts

hula bow in black and white


One thought on “Photos

  1. Former Midwesterner, Arlington Heights area, presently living in Concord Ca happened upon your Flickr photos. Researching Jagd terriers and found your amazing Blue lacy photos. The coyote pictures are fantastic. So thats it, just wanted to say I admired your work and your obviously a dog lover so thats good. Thanks for your work.

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