I am completely in love with words. Three words, 3,000 words, 140 characters, 140 pages, five inches, five stanzas – I am a firm believer in form following function. But no matter what the finished result looks like, I am intensely passionate about the process, driven to communicate and connect through writing.

A Sampling of Samples

Without a Home
Students gain street smarts during spring break in nation’s capital.
You can also read an abridged PDF version of this story in my archives.

Graham Williams Transitions to Transmission
Austin’s independent booking alternative goes public with Fun Fun Fun Fest.

Our Life Is A Mix Tape or Maybe
Okkervil River celebrates Stage Names success with a free Christmas EP.

This is the Simple Life?
An essay from my graduate thesis, this piece is overtly about Nicole Richie and tangentially about feminist writer Helene Cixous.

A Love Letter to Margot
Even the unbearable, the broken heart, can lead to something beautiful.

The Link Between Eating Disorders and Vegetarianism
Vegetarianism and eating disorders share a common trait – thinking beyond the plate.


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