Visualizing the story of Yahoo!’s success

The Brag Sheet is my biggest project at Yahoo! in more ways than one. Published approximately twice a month and distributed to the entire company, it is over 15,000 words of bragging rights that prove Yahoo! is the world’s premier digital media company. Unfortunately it is an internal document, which means I can’t publish it here, and though it has become an indispensable resource for our employees and partners, 40-plus pages of facts isn’t exactly light reading.

In an effort to create a version of the Brag Sheet that was easy to consume and share, I developed the No. 1 infographic. This companion asset highlights the most popular data from the Brag Sheet in a single visualization. I was the creative director, data analyst and copy writer for this project. I worked with the fabulous folks at Fission Strategy on the initial design, but I kept my Adobe Illustrator skills fresh by updating the graphics every month with the latest worldwide comScore numbers. In addition to being our most downloaded visual asset, this infographic has been leveraged for quarterly All-Hands meetings and is frequently used by C-level execs.


True Blue Lacys is live — because every Lacy needs a job but not every person needs a Lacy.

When I began researching Lacys in 2006, there was very little information about the breed online. I now know most of that was merely a sales pitch, focused on promoting Lacys as the State Dog of Texas to increase the demand for puppies, and I fell for it. Though I’ve worked with several organizations and publications to address those issues, I felt it was time to create my own space. True Blue Lacys is a place for me to independently share what I’ve experienced and learned along the way. Obviously I’m not a breeder and I don’t sell dogs or registration papers. I’m just a Lacy owner who loves writing, photography and her dog. So I hope people looking to educate themselves on this unique breed will find the microsite honest and helpful. But in the end, all I can do is tell my story, and post pictures of my dog, because she really is the prettiest Lacy in the world, don’t you think?