List: Eating Disorder Activists on Twitter

To  encourage community and spread awareness, I’m building a starter list of people who actively post about eating disorders on Twitter. This is an ongoing project. Though I would like it to be comprehensive, I know it isn’t yet, and it probably never will be. If you aren’t on the list but want to be, leave a comment here or send a direct message to @julie_anna on Twitter. Likewise, if you are on the list but don’t want to be, or you object to your categorization, just let me know.

Writers Raising Awareness

Awareness & Support Organizations

Professional Treatment

Up & Coming TwEDers


3 thoughts on “List: Eating Disorder Activists on Twitter

  1. this is a great idea! although i am not very savvy with twitter yet i look forward to seeing how this develops. i am writing a book on how our everyday talk affects self-acceptance. i have had a long history of ed’s and encourage and support anyone raising their voice on these issues! thank you 🙂 check out my book project:

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