Joining the retrotech typosphere

After writing all day at work and writing in my spare time for nonprofits, motivation to work on personal writing projects is fleeting at best. And the distractions of a connected computer don’t help. So this winter, in a fit of retrotech rebellion, I bought a typewriter. And then another. Which lead to a third. Because everyone needs at least three typewriters in 2010, right?

But my little typewriter collection really has been inspiring. I find myself looking for excuses to use them. Sometimes I’ll sit down and start typing just because I want to hear the sharp clack of the keys. When I do have an idea, I can begin work without fighting the distractions on my laptop. And, no disrespect to my sleek MacBook Pro, they are truly beautiful machines. The entire experience has helped me reconnect to my writing on a more visceral level.

So without further ado…

Hermes 3000

Torpedo 18

Olympia SF De Luxe