Discussing body image, eating disorders and being a vegetarian on Change.org

Over the past month, I’ve had a trio of posts on the Change.org Women’s Right blog that I’m especially proud of. Eating disorders and body image issues are so complex, the perfect storm of psychological, cultural and social influences. I think each of these posts highlights a different manifestation of those pressures. They also inspired some interesting dialogue, which is something I aspire to with all my writing.

The Body Politic: Cutting Meghan McCain Down to Size
The personal is political – but does that mean political pundits can critique the size of your thighs rather than your values and actions?

Valerie Bertinelli and the Bikini Body Disorder
Apparently middle aged women can be sexy, but they have to drop 50 pounds first.

Food For Thought: The Link Between Eating Disorders and Vegetarianism
Vegetarianism is not an eating disorder, but they share a common trait: thinking beyond the plate.


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